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a] Should this forum be open to the public or should it be restricted to the Praxis Team ?
b] the description that i have placed ... does this reflect our vision ?
c] how about a logo for our KK ? any artists out there ?

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Since, there can be many independent views to the above set of questions...my big idea (pun intended.) is that we list the for and against every option through this medium itself...and then as a group take a decision....

a) Not leaving it open to the outside world....would make us a sort of closed ecosystem...which might ultimately lead to disintegration in the absence of outside stimuli...But exposing our medium to the big wide world this soon this in turn might have it's side effects....Therefore, what i suggest is different strategies for different times....
The analogy that can be drawn here...is that of a bird’s child....Until the bird’s child...learns to flap it’s wings...it isn’t exposed to the vastnesses of the sky....Therefore, what I suggest is that since it’s still early days for us...and more/less we are in beta testing phase...lets keep the invites for ourselves....
And, thereafter after we have gathered a sizeable mass and momentum....we should expose ourselves to the skies..(oops..www.)
Our main aim is to enhance our social network!If only we had to network with 50 Praxites then face to face could have been a far better option!Therefore this forum has to be open to all!We are here to learn and experience!Anybody other than praxite team might give an entirely new dimention or perspective to look at things happening around...So,why blindfold ourselves???
Regarding the logo of KK,in my opinion one need not be an artist to come up with a signature which captures the essence of it's existence!A logo is definitely a very good idea.Lets see and let my imaginations fly...of course will upload the logo once it's done!Afterall a perfectionist needs time...
I would like to take a middle stance. While it is true that limiting the forum to praxites only can narrow the vision of this platform, it is also true that making it 'open' to every one might open up the probability of the quality dilution, something we can ill afford in the initial stages.
So my suggestion would be to open up the forum to those people who are either praxites or they have been invited to join this forum by any person from this institute. That would enable us to to broaden the scope of this forum without risking quality dilution.
Restriction are hinderance to creativity and even for evolution and overall devlopment, so why we need to put restrictions.
Indra,the point which you made is a justified one...But my dear,who will that person be; who is to decide the acceptance or rejection of the join request of the invitee?
my stance would be that at this point of time( and state of development ) let KK be open to the world !! however we will not actively promote it outside the Praxis Community ... let us first create a level of intellectual vibrancy ... by making a point to involve as many Praxis folks as possible ... and let us get some stuff going before we decide to become more eclectic !!

One a different note ... what does Team Praxis feel about the names that we use to identify ourselves on KK ? while pseudo names are quite a way of life in Social Networks .. here we have a situation where course evaluation may (at some point of time ) may be linked to what we do in KK ? how do we make sure that credits are attributed adequately ? should we insist that everyone use their full names to register ...

all thoughts and ideas welcome
When do we use pseudo names???In my opinion,we use such names to:
1.to add style to whatever we do.
2.to remain unnoticed.
3.to abuse somebody lying under a safe coverage so that nobody could trace him.

In such a forum where everybody is trying to get the most out of the surroundings and himself trying to contribute towards the betterment,I think its fair enough to use real names rather than toying around with creative pseudo names.In such a sitution people will think twice before posting any trash and in the process help the members get an "intellectually vibrant" forum...
this way we may destroy the whole idea of Contribution and Contribution; It may also lead to wastage of precious resources.
See, I believe that for the time being all the Praxites should have the authority to invite people, who they feel would be able to add value to this forum. In this way we will have a scenario where the forum won't be restrictive in its focus and at the same time there will be no ambiguity (in terms of identity) on the part of the participant either.
The above set of questions can be answered in a different manner and each person can back himself with relevant data,but my idea for the above set of questions is the privacy should be kept a bit thight ,reason why i'm saying it is orkut,see orkut a big success but in the end people create dummy profiles (a boy created a profile of a girl and kept her morped photographs in the photo section of orkut it was a huge disaster,so kindly give a eye to the above problem before going for any decision.

logoooooo great idea im not an artist will still try to look out 4 sumthng unique and kwel....
One can adopt a middle stance with regard to names and IDs.....Its better to use ones name, for ease of identification and evaluation should it come to that. Alternatively, you could have a tag along with your name, reflecting your pseudo-name..just like ive done >> Donald White | diGitaL bLaspHemY..this way you have your name so others may identify you, while still maintaining your personal flavour on the site!
However, just having a pseudo-name like "CoolDude" etc...may not be a good idea over here. Again..this is just an opinion..others may differ :)


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