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Dear All,

We need decide on the names for all the wings. Kindly submit your suggestions to Ms. Sharma by 10 AM tomorrow.

P.S: Kindly bear in mind that the names we choose would stick to the wings forever!

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Remember that the wing names have to be part of a theme - you cant have one wing called Venus and another called Tiger.

Having stated the obvious, I really look forward to some useful suggestions...


Few of us have a suggestion that since Praxis is a Greek word, we could have Greek names for the wings. Eg. Athena-Goddess of Wisdom, Aphrodite-Goddess of Love for the girls wing and similar names for the guy's wings

Please give your opinion.

On this line of thought you will have: Apollo (God of Truth/Light), Athena (Goddess of wisdom), Nike (Goddess of Victory), Poseidon (God of Oceans - ideally the Ground Floor, given the current weather!), Zeus (God of the Sky - 3rd Floor?), Kronos (God of Time), Achilles (Ascendant Hero). You could also have the modern wonders of the world - Giza, Taj Mahal, Petra, Great Wall of China, Colosseum. The only problem is that not many teams would be liked to be called Machu Pichu! Thought leaders: Keynes, Feynman, Deming, Nash etc. Ancient martial tribes/groups - Vikings, Huns, Mongols, Normans etc. Keep thinking!
i like the thought leaders series ...
greek gods are perhaps a bit too alien ...
how about getting inspired from movies...lets say we have wings with names such as:
Suspects (the usual suspect), Goodfellas (goodfellas), Pirates (pirates of the carribean), Terminators (terminator), Panthers (the pink panther) and the Jerks (the jerk) and for more choice we also have the Gangs (gangs of Newyork), Eves(all about eve), the list goes on.....
nice thought jyothi
E wing - jupiter
No Abhiram take Govind sir decision and name ur wing as Zeus.


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