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As discussed in Class, the Concentration area of Retail will have :

1. Three Class Room based courses.
2. One Field Base Course (which will straddle Terms 4 and 5 and will be credited to Term 4).
3. One Course of Independent Study (The Comprehensive Business Plan Development - Term 6).

The 3 Class Room based courses will include:

1. One Course on Retail Strategy (an elective open to all students and compulsory for those opting for a Retail Management concentration, offered in Term 4)
2. Two Courses on Retail Operations (an undivided course of 6 credits, open only to those students who had opted for the Course in Retail Strategy and compulsory for those opting for a Retail Management Concentration, offered in Term 5).

The Field Based and Course of Independent Study are compulsory for those opting for the Retail Management Concentration. The Field Based Course is open to students who are not taking the Retail Concentration - but have to have taken the elective on Retail Strategy. The Course of Independent Study is open only to students who have opted for the Retail Concentration.

The Course Outlines for the Courses on Retail Strategy and Retail Operations have been uploaded. Though the course on Retail Operations is offered in Term 5, this has been uploaded now for the benefit of the students taking the Field Based Course.


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