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Dear Amigos,

It's time to pass the baton and declare the long awaited results. Happy to announce the new CHAAR KA DUM of ADDA 2015-2016.

1. Suman Dev ( President)

2. Devika Daga

3. Rajasekar Dhanasekaaran

4. Saurav Sarkar ( Ooolala)



ADDA Committee - 2014-15

Arjun PR

Nimal Nithyanandham

Ram Mohan 

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One clarification. South Indians, of which Arjun is a representative and noble sample (as he is a great kid), like using the letter "h"when the Rest of India does not. Hence, Ajit becomes Ajith, Vinita becomes Vinitha and Ranjit becomes Ranjith (or Renjith in Kerala). I may add that the entire outgoing committee listed are from the South of the Vindhyas....

My question: do they also randomly deduct that letter? To the best of my knowledge, elections in Hindi is Chunav....


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