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Hi, attached a interview guide to the common technical questions asked in analytics interviews. And here are some questions which are common to all inteviews:

  • Tell me something about yourself - short and crisp, not more than 2 mins
  • Take me through a (analytics) project (that you have done) - preferably Kaggle case
  • Explain the work you did in your previous role - be proud of the work, not frustrated
  • How can you contribute to our org/why should we hire you - be specific
  • Strengths and weaknesses - + what steps are you taking to overcome the weaknesses
  • Small case studies to check the approach you take to solve it - remember MC class (STRUCTURE!)

Apart from these, read about the company, whitepapers, PR releases and news.

Be confident and stay focused - had to add that, after all I am a MBA :)


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Thanks a lot Sharath !!
Thanks a ton sharat.

Thanks a lot. 
At the most appropriate time 

Great work, Sharath. Mogambo (bahut) khush hua......

Guys, most of you (we interviewed) lacks structure and got stuck in basic Stat and SAS. Also most of you were not able to explain your projects properly, which should be your comfort zone.

As a generic feedback, you guys need to work on the following:

  • Write 5 lines (on paper) each on the following:
    • tell me something about yourself
    • explain your previous role
    • why analytics?
    • explain a project you have done (business problem, analytics problem, data description, data prep/treatment, model, inference/results)
  • After that structure those lines
  • Then try to concise the points with appropriate keywords
  • Share it with each other and take feedback
  • Call me up anytime if you have questions @ +91 8884291666

Regardless to say, read about the companies.

Thanks to Bishnu and Rohan for your time and good job placecom on coordination.

I will be finishing off the rest of the interviews by this week, keep your phone handy.



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