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Dear class,

Please have a look at your presentation assignment. The assignment has to be done in 6 groups of 5 members each and these are the groups. 

Assignment logistics:

The presentations have been scheduled for 2:30 pm on April 24. The slide deck for all the presentations have to be uploaded here by 11:59 pm on April 23. We will ignore any presentations uploaded after the deadline - basically, if you cross the deadline, you are dead. 

At 2:30 pm on April 24, the CR has to ensure that all presentations have been loaded on a single laptop from which each group will make the presentation. All groups have to be present for all the presentations, as it is an opportunity to learn from each other. 

Grading: If the committee comprising PD, AR and CP award you the project, you have a fair chance of getting a good grade. We will look for clarity of thought, quality of form and content and superior presentation and story telling skills. 

I am on campus all of tomorrow - in case you have a query, just drop by and have a chat with me. 

Cheers, and look forward to some engaging interactions!

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I'm not able to upload the file, because of file size limitation.

I have mailed our team PPT to CR

Please find the attached APST Presentation by Group 5 on Smart Meter Use Case.


Group 4 presentation attached


Group -2 _ Health Care



our last file was not updated correctly. please find updated version. of group 3



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