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Dear class,

Please have a look at your presentation project

The class needs to divide itself into 6 groups of 5 members each. 

The choice of topics is on a first-come-first-served basis. Any individual can represent his/ her group and pick a topic of the group's choice - and publish this choice through a reply to this post. The reply should have the names of all the members of the group and the topic chosen. Once a topic is chosen by a group, the other groups have the balance five topics to choose from and so forth.

We will let you know the schedule for presentations in due course. You will make the presentations to a panel comprising PD sir, Abhijit sir and me. 

Cheers and all the best!

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Hi Sir  

I would be representing one group with group Members :

Aayush Kubba 

Mayank Verma 

Kamalendu Das

Pragya Singh Khushwa

Shweta Praful Maykar

We would like to present on BFSI domain. 


Group members:

1)Prasanna Kulkarni

2)Piyush Pilare

3)Souvik Jana

4)Shantanu Singh

5)Poulomi Kundu

Topic for our group will be - FMCG

Hi Sir

We would like to present on Retail domain (Brief 1)

The group consists of :

Anand Sahay

Bharat Bolla

Karan Chellani

Kinshuk Shukla


Hello Sir,

Group Members:

Anish Malakar

Bikramjit Guha

Dhrubajyoti Dey

Nayan Sarkar

Rohit Sengupta

We would like to present on Manufacturing Domain.

Group 5. Our topic: HEALTHCARE

The members are:-

1. Shaikh Wasif Ahmed

2. Dhiraj Burman

3. Aishwarya Jaiswal

4. Shubhi Sinha

5. Tejasvi Sharma

Sir, I have a request to please distribute the group you yourself.

because some group are not normal distribute .


The group members with presentation subject as Telecom:

Bikramaditya Ghosh

Dipra Dasgupta

Payal Bhatia

Ranjan Kumar

Tuhin Majumder


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