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Hi everyone,

The individual papers have been assessed and returned to the PGP office. Each paper has the marks given (out of 10) and some feedback/ review points from my end.

I am happy to say that most papers have been good efforts and I appreciate the time and thinking that has been given for the same.

The following papers have been selected for presentation - the session for the same has been scheduled for Jan 19th / 2pm onwards. The papers have been selected for their approach, creativity and interpretation of the subject, among other reasons. 

Each paper should be condensed to a 5 minute powerpoint presentation that focuses on the research question, approach/ methodology, analysis and implications/ conclusions. Students who would like to discuss the presentation can reach me for any questions. 

Irrational consumer
- Kritika Bagaria
- Kinjal Sen
- Abhinav Gupta

Cultural connect
- Shivani Singh
- Renie Jasmine Lakra
- Abhishek Swain

Science of shopping
- Shalini Paul
- Kosturi Sarkar
- Parul Gupta

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