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 An individual research paper to be written on any 1 of the following topics

Culture– Identify any consumer trend or phenomena in India and through primary or secondary research, explain and elaborate on its social and cultural roots and impact on consumer lifestyle

Shopper– Identify any shopper practice / ritual (traditional trade, modern trade, online) and through primary or secondary research explain its impact on consumer decison making and shopping

Brand communication– identify any brand or category and through primary or secondary research elaborate on the impact of its brand communication and advertising on consumers

Please comment below by choosing which topic you would select.

Only 9 students will be allowed to choose each topic so the ones who indicate their preference first will be allocated the topic

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Replies to This Discussion

Shreya Sharma- Culture

Ankit agarwal -shopper

Auindrila Manna - Culture 

Rajani sharma - brand communication

Brand communication

Rishi Srivastava-Culture

Hi Ma’am,

I would choose “Shopper” as my individual research paper. 



Sridhar mylavarapu -brand communication


Md Yusuf - Culture


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