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Please mention both Topic name and number for your choice

  1. The Irrational Consumer – Understanding how consumers really make decisions
  2. The science of shopping – Understanding dynamics that impact shopper decisions
  3. The cultural connect – Understanding how evolving cultural codes and values impact the Indian consumer
Topic once selected cannot be changed
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1. Irrational Consumer

1.The Irrational Comsumer
Dear, ma'am
My preferred option would be -option 2
The science of shopping – Understanding dynamics that impact shopper decisions

Ashish Lohariwal
Dear Madam,

My choice for individual assignment is :

No.3 - The Cultural Connect

Thanks and Regards,
Abhisek Swain
1. The Irrational Consumer
Dear, Ma'am,
I chose the first topic, 1. The Irrational Consumer.
Priyanka Dutt

My choice for the individual assignment:

3. The Cultural Connect

Sumedh Kashyap

I would like to do my individual assignment topic
1-The irrational Consumer

 Dear Ma'am,

My preference would be option 1. Irrational Consumer

Nitika Dugar


1. The Irrational Customer
1. The Irrational consumer
Dear mam,
My preference options will be-1(Irrational consumer)
Thank you
Rakesh sahu


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