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Prof. Pradeep Lath will be taking his course on Project Appraisal and Finance today. These sessions will be useful for those looking at options in Financial Analytics. These sessions will add perspectives which are different from those covered by Prof. Sandipan (as they are rooted more in Accounting theory and Core Finance) and could be useful in companies such as Genpact as well as L&T Financial Services. 

Sharath has also scheduled mock interview sessions for today.

Those interested in attending Prof. Lath's classes will have their Mock Interviews tomorrow - as Sharath has been kind enough to re-schedule it.

Consequently, if your mock interview has been rescheduled, it is assumed that you are attending the sessions. Hence, attendance will be taken.

If a student is absent from both the Classes and the Mock Interviews, it will be assumed that the student is supremely confident of his/her abilities and does not need the formality of a mock interview to ratify this opinion.

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