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Dear Alumni,

Much have we spoken about forming an alumni association in the past. It is finally time for some action! I am sharing with you the contours  of the alumni association. Please go through the details and file your nomination for the available roles within Sunday January 08, 2017 11:59 pm. We could have the elections by the week ending January 15, 2017 and announce the elected members of the alumni association during the Alumni meet.

Here are the details of the Alumni Association:

Praxis Alumni Association

The alumni association for Praxis has been envisaged with three broad objectives:

  1. Create networking opportunity for the alumni
  2. Help Praxis grow by giving inputs to Praxis in terms of curriculum development, new program introduction and resource identification
  3. Create a Praxis alumni fund to:
    1. Fund alumni meets in the respective cities
    2. Participate in socially relevant causes and give back to the society

Structure of the alumni association

  • Any city with more than 10 Praxis alumni residing in that city would have an alumni chapter
  • Each Chapter would have a City Chapter Co-ordinator
  • There would be one Alumni Secretary
  • There would be, on a rotation basis, one faculty co-ordinator and campus representative (additional Elected Student Representative of the Board/ General Secretary).


Process of forming the association

  • Praxis would propose a set of cities where the alumni chapters could be formed
  • Praxis would invite nominations for the City Chapter Co-ordinator and the Secretary of the alumni association
  • The candidates need to submit a one page write up/ short presentation on their thoughts on the direction for the association, their plans for the year, the events they would like to conduct and so on
  • The submitted documents would be hosted on a common platform like kk and would be available for all alumni to view
  • Online polling would be conducted to elect representatives for the positions


Regular operations after the elections

  • The alumni chapters would have the independence to conduct any formal or informal events, get-togethers
  • The participation fee, if any would be decided by and collected by the city chapters
  • The city co-ordinators may appoint special officers to assist them in co-ordinating specific events
  • The Association Secretary needs to be connected with various chapters, exchange ideas, identify scalable processes followed in some chapters and implement the same in other chapters
  • Association Secretary along with Kolkata Chapter Co-ordinator would be responsible for the on campus alumni meet


Cities Identified

  • Kolkata
  • Hyderabad
  • Chennai
  • Bangalore
  • Mumbai
  • Pune
  • Ahmedabad
  • New Delhi

Possible inclusions

  • Singapore
  • UAE

Please file your nominations using this google sheet

Election nomination form - https://goo.gl/forms/f45sJsv8kNQm7qid2





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Replies to This Discussion

Hi Harish,

I understand what the Alumni are giving to Praxis in terms of our inputs. But I still have a couple of questions 

  • Could you highlight what will be the contribution from Praxis for Alumni Meet? It could be senior faculty visiting, funds, identifying current city Praxis alumni but either way a little more clarity is required 
  • Also, I am assuming this will be a common Alumni association for BM & BA or will it be different?
  • In the current scenario how are all the Praxis Alumni being contacted?


Dear Abhimanyu,

We have outlined the broad objectives. The Alumni Association, once formed, would be able to detail out the contours of the functioning. Thus it is imperative to get the elections done and have the office bearers elected who could decide on the direction for the association.

The alumni association would be common for participants of all the programs offered at Praxis.

Currently I have shared communication through Facebook and Whatsapp. Tonight I would be sending across emails and SMSes.  

Ok. Thanks for the update Harish

Dear Harish Sir,

I am among those people who is residing in a small city(Indore). I need to know how can I be a part of this association or contribute to the association as well as Praxis.

Thanking you


Neha Singh

Dear Neha,

We are all part of the Alumni Association. As Indore does not have more than 10 alumni, we may not be able to start a city chapter as of now. You may become part of the nearest city chapter ( Mumbai/ New Delhi) and participate in the activities through that Chapter.



Ok , Thank you sir for replying.


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