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Most B-Schools struggle to stay connected with their biggest asset - Alumni. Which is a shame, really, but that is another story.

Prof. Prithwis gave us KK - and that always has the potential to be the glue to keep us connected with Alumni of the BM and BA batches, who are now all over India and abroad. Quite frankly, we have not used this as well we should have in ensuring that we stay connected with Alumni. Alumni of many batches have goaded us. Sahill Shaha, Praxis 2010 is a prime example of a person who has pushed us for doing this and has invested huge amounts of time in looking at different structures to  make this happen. Gunjan Dugar, Praxis 2010, did some activity, which, pleasantly culminated in all of us watching India win the World Cup in 2011! - but no such joys happened in Alumni Connect). So: the fault is ours.

It is time to redress this. We are creating an Alumni Committee. This will have 4 members - 2 from BM and 2 for BA. This committee has to draw up a blueprint for a robust mechanism of staying connected with Alumni - and plan events and collaterals for the same.

Those interested, please reply to this post saying you are interested. This has to be done by 1159, 20th July. Thereafter, we will have a selection process to choose these 4 members.

The fact that we are choosing these members rather than allowing them to be selected will tell you how seriously we are taking this process. So, Alumni - those who are still active on KK - please note!! 

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Dear Sir,

I am interested.


Neha Singh ( Mobile No. 7223868310)


Thanks, Neha. We need somebody from the current Batches at Praxis.

You are always welcome sir! I wish that I can live upto expectations .Thank you for the opportunity.
Sorry Sir! I misunderstood the post because of week net connection I could not read the post completely.But Sir, I wish I could be a part of it

Hello Sir, since you haven't spoken about nomination / recommendation, I would like to know can we nominate / recommend someone (of course with prior permission of the person)

Thanks & regards,


Hi Sampat. That is the next stage. We want to kick start it with resources who are currently studying at Praxis. These resources will act as the coordinating agents. They will need to connect with Batch-wise resources (which is the stage you are referring to). So, the answer to that question is Yes - and that should happen in about a month's time.

Sir .. so good to see the 11:59 deadline after ages :)


Sir, can we add a like option to this post ??

Just one technical doubt Sir. Since this is a Alumni group, is any existing batch members a part of this group?? My doubt is because its just 2 hours for the deadline and there are no replies of consent yet

Excellent point, Abhiram! Either that or nobody is interested!!

Dear sir,
1.Varsha Goyal
2. Divas Agarwal
We are interested sir.
Thank you.

Dear Sir,

we are intrested 

1 Shaily Manohat

2 Aayushi Beriwal

Thank You


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