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Dear All,

Yi-Yuva will be conducting a cleanliness drive today i.e. 18th January'2015.

Venue : Basket Ball Court, Praxis Business School

Time : 1:30pm

We have been gifted with a serene and beautiful environment at Praxis. Lets us all take an initiative to keep the environment clean and make Praxis a part of 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyan'

We appreciate the efforts of the cleaning staff but it is also our moral duty to keep the environment clean.

Taking a sip of coffee/tea on a winter morning is good but throwing away the cups and littering the campus is bad.

If we can keep our rooms clean, then why not our campus???


We Can, We Will


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How was the response? 

Good ! 8-10 people participated. as you know Dada (cleaning staffs) keep our campus very clean.so participation was sufficient and satisfying


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