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Dear Team,

Kindly share Spardha update here . So that we can plan our Journey accordingly....

Thank you and Regards 

Neha Singh (2013-2015)

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I need to take a session on Basics of Technical Analysis in a formal way . who so ever is concerned . Kindly Reply


I have spoken to Govind Sir for the session. He will get back to you.


Spardha is on 12th and 13th January 2017 and alumni meet is on 14th January 2017. You must have also received an invitation mail for the same. Hope to see you...

Dear Vineet, 

Please Don't bother Govind sir for this . Incoming in my phone is disturbed due to technical issue and My number is changed. Not only this- My phone is always locked in office hour. 

Any of you (PGP1 or PGP2) can call me and inform me regarding this on this Sunday. Finance club is most welcome to call me. I Still Need to learn a lot from them.

Thanks for replying Vineet 


Neha Singh 


Vineet , Kindly do me a favour. Share Name and number of any Fincop member here . Incoming in my phone is disturbed. I will contact when I am out of office. Thanks in Advance 


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